Call for Papers, Panels, and Round Tables


The final deadline for submission of proposals passed on 24 February 2019. 




The final deadline for bursary applications passed on 24 February 2019.

Applications are being reviewed by a selection sub-committee. Results will be announced to applicants in March 2019, who have until 1 April 2019 to accept or decline.




Download a PDF version of the conference poster

Download a JPEG version of the conference poster

Download a PDF version of this call for papers

Download a JPEG version of this call for papers

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For any other queries, please email the organisers.

We look forward to welcoming you to Edinburgh in 2019!


Frequently Asked Questions


How many papers can I give?
You may give only one paper. You may in addition appear on roundtables, act as a panel respondent, and chair a panel. There is no limit to the number of panels you can organise,  chair, or respond to, and no limit to the number of roundtables on which you may appear.

May I chair the panel in which I give my paper?
No. we ask that each panel has a chair who is not themselves giving a paper on that panel.

Do you need volunteers to chair panels?
Yes please! Contact the organisers if you would like to volunteer to chair a panel, giving your approximate area of interest.

I have tried to submit my paper or panel online, but it is not working.
There is an issue that affects a very small number of people. If you are one of them, please clear your browser cache, close and restart your browser, and try again. This usually solves the problem.

Is it possible to specify a date or time on which to give my paper?
No. We are sorry but, with over a thousand papers to schedule, we cannot guarantee a specific time or date. We will publish the draft timetable as early as we can.


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