Call for Papers: Dressing a Picture: Reimagining the Court Portrait 1500 – 1800 Back

This conference will examine three themes surrounding early modern portraiture: the artist, the depicted material culture and the setting for its iconographic display, that is the court. We aim to examine these connections via the prism of the period’s intricate social stratification and complex gender power dynamics. To provide sufficient breadth, we are accepting papers whose scope will fall between 1500 and 1800.We foresee the conference to last one day, with three panels of three speakers each. Each panel will comprise one keynote paper from an established scholar, followed by two papers from early career researchers or doctoral candidates. The panels will conclude with a group discussion, allowing for questions from the audience.

Submitted papers would ideally examine:

-The multi-faceted figure of the early modern court portraitist within courts across Europe, focusing in particular on his or her role in the fashioning and imaging of courtly identities
-The compositional elements of court portraits and their sartorial and symbolic interplay
-The pivotal role of the early modern court as an elaborate crossroad of social synergies obsessed with self-representation and its modes of display

Graduate students, junior scholars, curators, early career researchers and conservators are warmly encouraged to apply. Those interested in delivering a paper are invited to submit a 300-word proposal accompanied with a biographical note to:

Ana Howie( & Alessandro Nicola Malusà ( by 4 January 2021.