Why should you join?

Membership of BSECS lasts for one year. As a member you will receive:

  • A subscription to the quarterly Journal for Eighteenth-Century Studies, including printed copies (unless unwanted) as well as access to the full run of the electronic edition (published since 1972)
  • An invitation to BSECS conferences (to register and present at our conferences membership of BSECS or one of our sister societies is required)
  • A regular email newsletter with news about the society’s events, publications, and funding opportunities
  • Opportunities to share ideas with fellow eighteenth-century scholars and enthusiasts

Reduced membership rates are available for students, retired, and unwaged colleagues.

How to join

Membership of the Society is via a subscription to its quarterly Journal for Eighteenth-Century Studies. The financial aspects of membership are handled by John Wiley & Sons on behalf of the Society, however by joining the society you agree that you will comply with the rules and policies of the Society as set out in our constitution.

PLEASE NOTE that membership runs for a calendar year.  You will be invited to select the calendar year of your subscription on the Wiley website. If you subscribe, for example, in August 2023 for the year 2023 you will be sent a complete run of that year’s Journals, and your membership will expire in December 2023. If you wish to join BSECS in order to attend the annual conference, please make sure that you subscribe for the calendar year in which the conference takes place.

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BSECS Posters

BSECS have produced a range of posters for you to print and display in your office, library, common room etc. Download them via the links below:

BSECS Poster (Reynolds)
BSECS Poster (D’Epinay)
BSECS Poster (Sancho)