Coffee House Perspectives: Teaching Boys & Girls in Eighteenth-Century England Back

Coffee House Perspectives returns for the first of three new episodes to be released over the summer. The podcast also introduces a new format: one-on-one interviews with authors who have written volumes for the Studies in Eighteenth-Century series at Boydell & Brewer. This series is run in association with the British Society for Eighteenth Century Studies. 

In the first of these new episodes, Dr Alex Hobday is joined by Professor Michèle Cohen to discuss the research underpinning her recent monograph, Changing Pedagogies for Children in Eighteenth-Century England (Boydell, 2023).

Michèle discusses the education of boys and girls of the middling and the upper classes during the eighteenth century, advocating for the widening of our definition of education to include the often-under-valued field of “accomplishments”.

Click here to listen to the episode. 

This episode was produced by Dr Adam James Smith in association with the British Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies. The music was performed by Dread Pirate Steve.