Early Careers Researchers Conference: Experiencing Politics and Political Culture In Britain and Ireland, c. 1300-1815 Back

Organised by Dr Laura Flannigan, Jen Caddick and Murray Tremellen.

Both online & in person. 9am-6.30pm

Popular imagination of late medieval and early modern Britain and Ireland has been dominated by famous monarchs, cunning ministers, and intrigues within the halls of power. Yet this period also saw the rise of political society, the ‘public sphere’, and increasingly ‘national’ solidarities. What did this mean for the experience of politics across these isles? This interdisciplinary conference will explore the ways in which politics and political culture were understood, interacted with, imposed, performed, dissented from and disrupted in Britain between the fourteenth- and nineteenth-centuries.

There will be four sessions throughout the day, beginning with Governing the Realm with panelists, Elizabeth Biggs, Trinity College Dublin, Samuel Lane, Christ Church, University of Oxford and Jon McGovern, University of York. Panel 2 looks at Political agency and documentation and features papers from Rhiannon Cox, University of Bristol, Jamie Graves and Kirsty Wright, University of York. Panel 3 looks at Connecting court and country with papers by Keely Hayes-Davies, University of York, Oscar Patton, Jesus College, University of Oxford and Joe Ellis. Finally panel 4 includes papers by Rosa Martin, St Hugh’s, University of Oxford, Caroline McCaffrey-Howarth, University of Leeds / V&A and Hillary Burlock, Queen Mary, University of London looking at Rhetorics/materialities of opposition.

Full programme and booking is available on our website: https://www.sal.org.uk/event/experiencing-politics-and-political-culture-in-britain-and-ireland-c-1300-1815/