‘I smell you in the dark’: Johnson and Boswell in Edinburgh Back

The Edinburgh visited by Dr. Samuel Johnson and Boswell during their famous trek across Scotland differed dramatically from the one captivating tourists today.
While its status as an important metropolis was about to increase exponentially, the city lacked many of the amenities desired by those then accustomed to prominent locations such as Paris and London. While Edinburgh residents might prefer to be known for their cultural accomplishments, the squalor that drew attention through much of their city’s past cannot be avoided even today when their history is shared with visitors, just as it could not be hidden when Boswell finally succeeded in bringing Dr. Johnson north.
This talk by Sheila Cavanagh, Professor of English, Emory University, will describe Boswell’s introduction of his home to Dr. Johnson, including this city’s transition into the home of the Scottish enlightenment.