PhD scholarships in English Literature and Creative Writing Back

The University of Huddersfield is offering the PhD scholarships listed below to cover up to 75% of tuition costs for applicants with a record of excellent achievement and a strong research proposal. Additionally, we are happy to supervise strong applicants in any of our research areas.

Ted Hughes Network Scholarship: proposals related to the work of the poet Ted Hughes
The University of Huddersfield’s Contemporary Poetry Project Scholarship: proposals related to post-war British, Irish, and American poetry, especially the work of Philip Larkin 
The Lady Anne Clifford Scholarship in Renaissance Women’s Writing: proposals related to women’s writing in the sixteenth and seventeenth century. 
The Canal and Rivers Trust Literature and Travel Scholarship: proposals exploring the intersections between literature and travel in the nineteenth-century.
The New Pastoral Scholarship: proposals engaging with any form of creative writing that explore aspects of nature writing in contemporary Britain.
Shakespeare and Renaissance Environmentalism Scholarship: proposals related to representations of nature in the drama of Shakespeare and his contemporaries, or the non-dramatic poetry of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.
Eighteenth-century and Romantic Literatures of Feeling Scholarship: proposals related to affect, feeling or sensibility in eighteenth-century or Romantic literature, and the emotions of war.
The Life-course and Literature Scholarship: proposals with an ageing studies perspective in the study of contemporary literature and culture. 
The Walter Haigh Scholarship in Late-Victorian & Edwardian Literary Studies

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