Robert Adam and Thomas Chippendale at Nostell: a matter of equals? Back

Kerry Bristol, Senior Lecturer at the School of Fine Art, University of Leeds, will discuss Robert Adam and Thomas Chippendale at Nostell Priory.

Nostell, the ancestral home of the Winn family near Wakefield, has long been recognised as an important commission for both Robert Adam and Thomas Chippendale, one indicative of a close friendship between architect and patron and suggestive of a special relationship between the Otley-born cabinetmaker and a family who reputedly promoted his interests early in his career. Based on a fresh reading of the Nostell archive, this lecture will investigate the nature of the business relationship between Adam and Chippendale and query how and where they worked together at Nostell and when they worked independently of each other.

Did the late 18th-century architect always have the upper hand or could those who furnished a house exert more control?

Lecture will begin at 2.30pm at York Medical Society. More information can be found here:

Image Credit: Image Credit: ‘A Cabinet-Maker’s Office’ (1770), Victoria & Albert Museum