Workshop: Staging Nineteenth-Century Melodrama Back

17 June 2017

The Staging Napoleonic Theatre Team at the University of Warwick is holding a public workshop on the acting techniques and theatrical traditions of early nineteenth-century melodrama, at the Georgian Theatre Royal in Richmond (Yorkshire), as part of a project funded by the AHRC. The workshop includes an open audition for a role in a production of Guilbert Pixerécourt’s The Fortress (in translation), a melodrama of 1805, that we will be staging in Richmond in August, as part of the Georgian Festival.

This is a great opportunity for theatre historians, literary historians, French historians, and musicologists to learn more about/participate in the practices of early nineteenth-century melodrama, in the country’s most complete Georgian playhouse.

The workshop is being organised by Dr Katherine Astbury (French Theatre/Fiction of the Revolutionary and Napoleonic periods),  Dr Sarah Burdett (British Theatre of the Revolutionary and Napoleonic periods), Dr Diane Tisdall (Musical Culture in Napoleonic France), and Professional Director Sarah Wynne Kordas.

If interested in attending, please visit the following: