Making awards is a key way in which BSECS pursues its charitable aims. The Society offers four different kinds of award to its members: bursaries, fellowships, prizes, and event funding.

Here are all the awards we currently offer, followed, where applicable, by the deadline for applications:


Career Development (1st February)

BSECS-Northumbria (31st May)

BSECS-Georgian Papers (17th January)

BSECS-Bodleian (1st February)

Dunscombe-Colt (1st February)

BSECS-QMUL (8th March)

BSECS-BECC (1st February)

BSECS-STR (1st February)



Annual Conference Bursaries (part of conference application)

PG/ECR Conference Bursaries (part of conference application)

Keymer CSECS Bursary (10th April)



Digital Resources (1st February)

Teaching (1st February)

The President’s Prize (nomination)

The Online Paper Prize (nomination)


Event Funding:

Event Funding Scheme (1st April and 1st November)

The Haydn Mason Lecture (invitation)


Our awards are open to all our members, subject to our Terms and Conditions. Note that the following eligibility criteria apply to all awards:


• With the exception of ‘bursary’ awards, no recipient of a BSECS award may receive that award during the three years that follow their success.

• BSECS Council Members are eligible for BSECS awards, providing that their application is not deemed a conflict of interest by the Society’s finance committee.

Further, specific criteria, along with additional details about our awards, is given below.

General queries about the awards offered by BSECS should be addressed to the Prizes Officer, James Harriman-Smith (